New Tolon Mailing Lists

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For some inexplicable reason, I’ve recently started to feel a bit disconnected with all the NoteKeeper users out there.

A few years ago I used Yahoo! Groups to keep in touch with users by discussing various features and announcing new versions. It worked well; users were able to tell me what was good and what was not so good and I attained a wholesome feeling of being on the path to better software. Unfortunately it got a bit neglected whilst I was busy with other things and ended up being hijacked by spammers.

I am now on a course to rectify this and have installed PHPList onto the website. This won’t support interactive discussion, but it will allow me to announce new versions to anyone who’s interested.

I’ve started with two lists:

  • tolon-newsletterwill provide a monthly newsletter of any noteworthy developments concerning Tolon Data Solutions.
  • notekeeper-announcewill provide new version and news announcements for Tolon NoteKeeper.

To subscribe to either of these lists, please visit

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