4 thoughts on “NoteKeeper 0.9.9 Released”

  1. That is a neat little app! Something I think you got really right with it is it follows typical Windows UI. There’s nothing that strays from everything you expect in normal Windows interface. For me it’s got all the elements of a flexible note organizer I could want.

  2. Hi,

    Notekeeper has been my companion over many years … and I really love it! Now I decided to upgrade to pro to have an encrypted version … but it seems discontinued?? At least I cannot find it … it was offered for 20 US$, right? It’s be a bargain for such a strong toll!

    PS: I’d appreciate an email reply or offer!

  3. Thanks for this program, i have been using it for years ! and is a must have app and default in every install i do. Keep up the good work on this!

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