NoteKeeper 0.10 Development Build 29032012

Tolon NoteKeeper 0.10 DEVELOPMENT build 29032012 is now available.

I am making the current development version of Tolon NoteKeeper 0.10 available for download whilst I work on finishing off the new spell checking feature.

The main change for this release is that I’ve moved to Visual C++ 2008. I’ve not changed too much else in this release until I’m confident that this new build environment is working ok. The only new features in this release are some updated icons and a new spell-checking engine.

This is a development build, so I must advise you to be very careful in using it with your existing data files. It should work ok, but always remember to save regularly and keep regular backups. You have been warned!

If you still fancy giving the new version a go, then by all means click the download link below. I would be most grateful if you could report any bugs, annoyances or general feedback to me.

The latest version can be downloaded from

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2 thoughts on “NoteKeeper 0.10 Development Build 29032012”

  1. Hi Alex,

    I haven’t tried the development version yet as I am not sure if it will overwrite my current version which is working fine. However just recently I have been looking online for other note programs, and there some features in others which I would like in the tolon notekeeper. However this one has been the most stable and easy to use and so I am sticking to it. However I will list some features I would like added if possible.

    1) The ability to load my notes from a url.
    2) The possibility of having a usb version, so I can carry my notes with me.
    3) Maybe a way of loading and saving notes to an ftp server. This way as I update my notes on one computer it would update my notes on all computers. This would be a good way to sync my notes without signing up to one of these servers.

    4) Maybe a way to get pictures in my notes. “my note keeper” has a handy function to clip pictures off the desktop or any screen.

    I am glad you have started to develop it again.

    By the way if the above features were added, I would gladly pay for the program.

    Thomas Williams

  2. Hi Thomas,

    Once the 0.10 release is done I’ll be focusing on moving NoteKeeper to a new SQLite-based file format. As part of this process I’ll be decoupling the code from its current file-oriented implementation, which will allow me start thinking about server-hosted data. But the primary driving force behind this change is to improve how the program handles error conditions (e.g. read/write errors) which will help ensure that your data stays as safe as possible.

    Alex Paterson

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