NoteKeeper 0.10 Development Build 20120408

Tolon NoteKeeper 0.10 DEVELOPMENT build 20120408 is now available.

I am making the current development version of Tolon NoteKeeper 0.10 available for download whilst I do some testing.


New Features

  • 0.10 – New spell checking engine.
  • 0.10 – New toolbar icons.
  • 0.10 – New NoteKeeper icon.

Bug Fixes

  • 0.10 – Reduced build warnings.

Miscellaneous Changes

  • 0.10 – Added CRC checks for node data.
  • 0.10 – Now using MSVC9 compiler.
  • 0.10 – Now using paintlib 2.6.2


This is a development build, so I must advise you to be very careful in using it with your existing data files. It should work ok, but always remember to save regularly and keep regular backups. You have been warned!

If you still fancy giving the new version a go, then by all means click the download link below. I would be most grateful if you could report any bugs, annoyances or general feedback to me.

The latest version can be downloaded from

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