Tolon Supporters

The following people have supported the production of freeware software by Tolon. They have either sent Tolon something cool, useful or interesting or provided financial assistance to go towards development costs. Thank you to all of you, your help and support has been greatly appreciated. The list is in no particular order.

  • Dennis O. Johnson (MN, USA) for providing a copy of Visual Studio 2008 Pro.
  • Stephen M. Younts (MD, USA)
  • Henry Williams (SC, USA)
  • William G. Buck (CA, USA)
  • Dean Black (UT, USA)
  • Maria Seliger (Gescher, Germany)
  • Richard J Craparo (NY, USA)
  • Lukas Stadler (Oberkappel, Austria)
  • Anthony J Gugliuzza (PA, USA)
  • Bonnie Murphy (TX, USA)
  • Bisi Marcel (Gordola, Switzerland)
  • Carol M. Webster (WI, USA)
  • Jean-Pierre Lebel (Ottawa, Canada)
  • Michael Williamson (Shetland, UK)
  • William Winchell (AZ, USA)
  • Steve Butterfield (CA, USA)
  • Maria G. Puddu (Carrum Downs, Australia)
  • Dan C Browning (NC, USA)
  • Ken Dickman (OR, USA)
  • Vicente Corrons Roman (Valencia, Spain)
  • Robert Miller (CA, USA)
  • Rui Farinha (Portugal)
  • Bryan C Fischer (Edmonton, Canada)
  • William D Palmer (VA, USA)
  • Stephen P Regul (IL, USA)
  • Brian Mahler (AZ, USA)
  • Donna A Timme (TX, USA)
  • Kenneth Odlum (Stoke-on-Trent, UK)
  • Rick Beaupre (NH, USA)
  • Scot L. Eustis (PA, USA)
  • David Martin (Tintagel, UK)
  • Yee Meng Kai (Singapore)

The following is a list of things Tolon would like to receive, again in no particular order.

  • A favourite book
  • Some good music
  • Anything artistic that you’ve produced with your own hands
  • A donation to one of Tolon’s favourite charities (see below)

If you can’t think of anything, you can always send Tolon some cold, hard cash, but that’s a bit boring.

If you do want to send something, then send me an email at to sort things out.

Tolon’s favourite charities are: