Tolon-DCS is a utility for selecting pre-prepared paragraphs to form a standard letter (or any document).

This was an interesting little project for the Environmental Health team at Fife Council in Scotland. One remit of the environmental health services is to inspect the premises of any business where food is prepared or served. These inspections are undertaken regularly by qualified inspectors and any breach of applicable laws must be notified by letter to the owner of the business.

The council uses a standard set of paragraphs when constructing these letters, with each paragraph corresponding to a specific part of the applicable laws. Each letter can contain many of these paragraphs, each one of which will notify the business owner of a different environmental health violation. Some of the paragraphs contain fields for the officer to add specific details about the environmental health violation, such as naming which particular surface was found to be contaminated.

The Tolon-DCS tool provided a simple user interface for the environmental health officers to build up a set of paragraph codes and field values that could then be sent to the administrative team for formatting into a proper letter and sending to the business owner.

Screenshot of Tolon-DCS
Screenshot of Tolon-DCS

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