To Do / Wish List

The next version of Tolon NoteKeeper will be 0.11.

If you have a feature you’d like to see added, let me know by sending your suggestion to

Key to colours used below:

  • Feature not started/in progress
  • Feature completed.

Version 0.11

Scheduled Release: ?

  • Major Features

    • New file format using sqlite
  • Minor Features/Bug Fixes

    • Fix spurious DDE file open error on Windows 8.


  • Major Features

    • Better help documentation!
    • Drop MDI, it will be less confusing.
    • New text editing component (Tolon TextLib!).
    • Make it portable! (See Paul NcAlsen.
  • Minor Features/Bug Fixes

    • Better handling in the case where a second instance of NoteKeeper is loaded and tries to automatically load the file that is already open in the first instance. Do not display error when failed to load last-used file on startup and the file was locked. Daniel Beardsmore.
    • Remember state of splitter bar [width] between instances. Patricio Silva.
    • Insert Date, Insert Time and Insert Date & Time functions to the text context menu. Patricio Silva.
    • Use localised time/date settings for editing task dates. Patricio Silva.
    • A hotkey combo for node or note creation would be useful. Paul NcAlsen..
    • HTML export does not work – either fix it or remove it. Giovanni Castaldi.
    • Batch Node Export will overwrite existing files without warning.
    • Give user three chances to get their password right. Jude Howat.
    • Paste Special menu option to paste as plain text. Daniel Beardsmore.
    • Support import of OpenOffice and other documents. Patricio Silva.
    • Dialog for creating/editing hyperlinks. Patricio Silva.
    • In-document bookmarks to other nodes. Patricio Silva.
    • Status bar statistics showing number folders & nodes and the cursor position in the text editor. Patricio Silva.
    • Word count. Paul NcAlsen.
    • Ability to change font in tree list. Paul NcAlsen.
    • Add tree manipulation icons and menus.