SkinnyReader is a minimalist RSS client for Windows.

It has been implemented using direct use of the Windows API, avoiding the use of the somewhat heavyweight MFC library which I normally use for user interfaces. The general idea was to have an RSS client that was super-light on system resources (i.e. I didn’t use the heavy .NET libraries that a lot of the new ones use).

The XML processing is done using the TinyXML library.

The main core of the project has been written in a platform-independent manner. The user interface is tightly integrated with Windows, but then I think it has to be in order to be as light as possible on system resources. It’s a fairly minimal user interface anyway, so re-implementing it on other platforms (such as linux and macos) wouldn’t take too much effort.

This project is currently shelved because I have been spending my time on other projects and because I wasn’t sure whether yet another freeware RSS client was needed in the world.

If you feel different and think this would be a worthwhile project to continue with, feel free to petition me at If you’re really keen for this project to continue, you could sponsor it by sending Tolon something really cool and/or interesting (see the Tolon Supporters page.