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Integrating your application with Enchant – Part 1

Welcome to the first in a series of articles exploring how to integrate the spell checking library Enchant into your Visual C++ applications.

I will be integrating Enchant with the next release of NoteKeeper, which I am currently maintaining in an old version of MSVC and also developing a new version from scratch. Thus I will be using the following configurations.

  • Visual C++ 6 SP6 with STLPort 5.1.5, Multithreaded DLL
    (cl.exe v12.00.8804, link.exe v6.00.8447)
  • Visual C++ 9 SP1, Multithreaded DLL
    (cl.exe v15.00.30729.01, link.exe v9.00.30729.01)

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NoteKeeper 0.9.6 Released

NoteKeeper 0.9.6 Splash Screen
NoteKeeper 0.9.6 (build 20081213) has now been released.

New Features:

  • Added quick-select keys for tree and bookmarks list

Minor Tweaks:

  • Better tab support
  • Leave tree in more intuitive state after dropping files.
  • Minidumps should now contain more data

Bug Fixes:

  • Correct broken import routine – handle PLTextException
  • Remove beep on opening node with keyboard + removed some dead code
  • Workaround for crash in CWinApp::~CWinApp

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