There are generally two different builds of NoteKeeper, one ‘stable’ and one ‘development’. The stable build generally works more reliably, but the development build has the latest features I am working on before they have been fully tested.

If in doubt, please select the stable build.

Stable Version

The latest version of Tolon NoteKeeper is 0.10.6, build 20140503. It was released on 3 May 2014.

Download Tolon NoteKeeper 0.10.6 (12.4 MB)

MD5: 681e21a2aed3cf52958c8376eecdc3e1
SHA: 75ce675e559b7a276e672a0efe003571ae4b7b7b

Development & Beta Versions

Please Note: The development and beta versions of any software product should be treated with extreme caution. Please assume that you will experience bugs and you will lose data. Saving regularly and making regular backups of your files is essential if you choose to use this build.

No development version available.

System Requirements

Tolon NoteKeeper has been verified to work on Windows XP, Vista and 7. It may work on other versions.