About Tolon

anp_profile_smallHi, I’m Tolon and welcome to my technical blog.

My full-time job is as a software consultant for a small company specialising in intelligent transport systems. My most recent notable work is the design and implementation of a new map user interface for a system in Sweden. This was a full GIS solution written in C++ using MFC and the Carmenta Engine GIS framework.

I’m currently maintaining a freeware program called NoteKeeper, which is a handy little program for keeping lots of notes together in one easy-to-handle file. If you like the sound of that, why not check it out at http://www.tolon.co.uk/notekeeper.

I’m based in a small town in North Yorkshire in the UK, where I live with my partner and our two children.

All the best,
Alex Paterson (a.k.a. Tolon) – alex@tolon.co.uk.