hrlookup is a utility for finding the symbol for a well-known windows error code, such as a HRESULT value. It also does the reverse and code find the value for a windows error symbol. All data is held in an internal database generated from the Microsoft Platform SDK and other sources.

Download hrlookup 1.0 for Windows (Command-line)

MD5: e0a3680b8d1a7bab2d118606a10449d5
SHA: fe9053fe8fe817bbe064df0fd90fae82c24f29da

Windows Error Code Database

hrlookup uses a database containing many different types of windows error codes, including:

  • HRESULT, e.g. 0x80010108 (-2147417848) RPC_E_DISCONNECTED
  • Task Scheduler, e.g. 0x41031 (267009) SCHED_S_TASK_RUNNING

Usage Examples

  • hrlookup 0x80070057
  • hrlookup (-2147024809)
  • hrlookup E_INVALIDARG

  Exact match:
    Code: 0x80070057 (-2147024809)
    Symbol: E_INVALIDARG
    Comments: One or more arguments are invalid.

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